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Our Management Team

Matt Danilowicz
Matt Danilowicz
Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years experience as a CEO, Matt is a forward-thinking executive who has held upper management positions for many global technology companies, participating in 22 multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions.

Matt graduated from the College of William & Mary where he was friends and classmates with our founder Kirk.

When not on an airplane travelling, Matt loves working out, riding bikes, reading, and losing to his son in board games.

Kirk Hankla
Kirk Hankla

Born and raised in Long Beach, California (nicknamed The International City), Kirk went to the College of William & Mary where he earned his BA..

Soon after, Kirk founded International City Mortgage (now called Doorway Home Loans) on the principles of honesty and integrity. Over the years, Kirk has grown to a company licensed in fourteen states.

And while this achievement has given him great joy, it’s nothing compared to the joy he feels at being married to his wife Missi Hankla or spending time with his seven children Dietrich, Sydney, Sierra, Sawyer, Symone, Shylee, and Cael. Or wrestling, Kirk really loves wrestling.

Barb Lamb
Chief Financial Officer

Served as financial operations executive, management and contractor for a number of mortgage banks actively producing $500 million to $13 Billion in annual funding volumes and loan sales. Participated in negotiations with warehouse banks, third party vendors and investors. 

Effectively organized teams of accountants and executed accounting policies and procedures to reign in cost and approval processes among the managers and employees.

Farrell Facey
Farrell Facey
Executive VP for Compliance and Strategic Initiatives

At 18 years, Farrell is not only our longest tenured employee but the guiding compass behind our compliance and strategic initiatives. He began his career in 1991 as an Underwriter, eventually moving to an Account Executive and then an Assistant Branch Manager/Operations Manager.

Despite the fact he works in an office, Farrell can’t be contained by four walls and is most often running, hiking, skiing or biking actively through wall-less forms of nature.

Tony Santini
Tony Santini
Senior VP of Production

Having been responsbile for the careers of over 172 employees to date, Tony is much more than a VP, he’s a mentor. That’s not to say he doesn’t get results in the office, his award-winning career is chock full of outstanding achievements.

Although he is the most effusive and talkative person in the office, it’s rumored that Tony is the quiet one in his family. True story.

Ryan Allan
Kellie Saari
SVP of Operations
With her three decades of experience, Kellie is what we call a systems guru. Thankfully, though, this guru doesn’t live in some faraway place, she runs operations right here in our Orange County headquarters.

When she’s not busy doling out great advice, Kellie is most often traveling or spending time with her daughter. 
Eric Linden
Eric Linden
VP of Secondary

Growing a small consulting firm to over 75 mortgage banking clients (with a combined volume of over 750M per month) was just the start for Eric. Since joining us here at Doorway he’s pushed our retained portfolio to over 1B in servicing.

When he’s not angling to grow our servicing portfolio, Eric can be spotted on a lake... angling.

Sara Cramlet
Sara Cramlet
HR Director

Flexing her 15+ years of experience in start-ups, medium, and global organizations, Sara recently joined Doorway to set the pace for our people, our culture, and our training. Her ability to create successful partnership between management and employees is just a tiny sliver of what makes her an incredible part of the management team.  

Although Sara was a track star growing up, the only running she now does is around the front yard with her dog Hansel. 

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